Was That The Shortest Weekend On Record...?

I took a short break from my secret knitting to get a start on my dkKnits KAL sock and so far, so good. I love my colours (club colour Kassius Karin & mystery coordinate). The KK looks like Raiku fired clay, many and varied subtle blues and greens.

Made a smidge of progress on Mad-tini With A Twist - I wish I had more arms :)! I love YP merino / tencel and this is one of the best Booty Club colours ever IMO.

Secret knitting? Really coming along, just a little over half-way there.

Went to yoga this AM - I am really starting to feel the benefit - never would have thought. It feels so gentle (most of the time) but really does the job. And then I wrote up Jewel Box Scarf and did my PDF conversions. Heading over to Ravelry in a moment to upload it to my pattern shop, and then back to the knitting :)!

Have a good week everyone...


Grace Yaskovic said…
you are secret knitting again so soon, lucky you, its always fun to have a secret!!!!
smariek said…
I love how your Flutterbye sock is coming along.

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