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It's Out!

The new Knitters hit the stands and here it is: Yup, my stole in the Elann ad. I'm a little excited :). The Secret Knitting is done - it'll be winging it's way to the recipient tomorrow - so will be able to show you some pictures soon. I am really happy with the project overall and found some fabulous buttons at a new (to me) shop here in Ottawa. Sewers be warned: this place has some amazing fabric and designer buttons. I am going to finish off my Yarn Pirate Mad-tini's this week, I was really enjoying the other project and spent every free minute working on it, but now everything else is shouting to be done. My Loopy Ewe Sock Club arrived this week, with a skein of Wollmeise - don't hate me 'cause it's beautiful - I'll add the picture later :).

Need... Sleep...

I know, it's been forever. My graphic designer has been on strike (don't worry, she won't be grounded long). So without fancy graphics but still kinda cute - Japanese Lanterns Socks is now available for sale on Ravelry (here too, just not tonight).

I'll ETA this post tomorah....

... And - we're back :)! This pattern will also be available on my pattern page here, for any Non-Ravelers.

Again, the weekend felt so short - maybe 'cause we have so much to cram in during the summer days. I love gardening almost as much as knitting and it can be a tough call what wins!

I've been working exclusively on my Secret Knitting - love what I'm working on, love the yarn - have had one or two (!) moments - had to relearn a special cast-on - so glad I did, it will be making an appearance in my next sweater design. Unfortunately, this meant my sockies are waiting until the end of the week for attention. Heck! I even took my SK to the spa on Saturday - it is a rather "Zen…