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Before Another Month Slips By...


Have an FO I can show finally (still waiting for news about the "Secrect Knitting" finished earlier this summer). So, here is my "Curvy". I've already decided to do a slight mod to the collar, so won't show a modeled photo yet, although I can say it fits really well and I love it even without the mod.


My Christmas knitting is progressing well, that commute really is good for some things. The first scarf is a row or two from done after a week.

Above are some of the goodies that came to visit this week. My next project "Chrysalis" by Jean Moss in Artesano "Hummingbird", my August installment of the Wool Girl Sock Club and my goodies from an irresistible sale at Wool Girl...

Did I mention that I HATE!! the new version of Facebook? If you do too and want a choice, here's a link to an online petition to keep the clean, easy-to-use "old" Facebook:…

Um-m-m-m... Hello :)

So, this is what I've been up to. As always, practising the fine art of "Circuit Knitting" - too bad it doesn't burn as many calories as circuit workouts!

I'm hoping to have the sweaters "off the needles" in the next week and to plow through the gift knitting - something I usually (and studiously) avoid.

Designing has slowed down as work speeds up - the Autumn months are very busy and there have been numerous staff changes to become accustomed to.

Will be starting up the yoga classes again in a few weeks and signing up for the regular Belly Dance classes as the Summer "taste of" were really fun. (For you local girls who may be interested, I started a Facebook group for exchanging any / all information about Belly Dance in the Ottawa area, please feel welcome).

Back to school tomorrow - hope it goes smoothly for y'all :). DD's last semester of College, where did the time go? Sonshine off for (hopefully) last year of highschool, will it nev…