10 November 2008

Yummy... And 0 Calories!

Took forever, but well worth it. My "Strawberry Cheesecake" scarf is finally finished.

I love "duets" yarn and this was designed in the original DK weight (it's my "Warrick" scarf reworked at a different gauge). I like the complimentary colours but contrasting would be gorgeous too.

This worked up to six feet total length, with enough left over for gloves or mitts :). Good thing it's finished 'cause it's getting to that kind of temperatures here in Ottawa!

Sock clubs that arrived this month are: Scout's Swag, Skitches, Wool Girl and Yarn Pirate...

I will be cutting down on sock clubs in the New Year - I can't believe how quickly it piles up!

Have you checked out the new PSPRP tee shirt? Here is a link to the artwork if you can't see it well in the Cafe Press pictures: PSPRP Shop


Joan said...

LOL. I was in ONE sock club and it was waaay too much.

junior_goddess said...

Love the scarf!!!

nerdynunchucks said...

I can't find Skitches anywhere! I really want to know about it--and any other knitting/sock clubs that you know of! I love your scarf, btw. It's beautiful (I love knitting scarves).

Look forward to hearing from you.

Happy knitting!