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New KB Design Pattern

"Sweetheart Ripples Scarf" has (finally) been published. It is currently available on Ravelry as a free download. I'll be making it available from Pointeshoes Pursuits just as soon as I can redesign my download buttons (help gladly accepted ha ha!)

The original yarn used for the design is A Swell Yarn's Duets DeKAY a gorgeous, body-ful yarn that knits like a dream and gives wonderful stitch definition. Feel free to experiment with your own yarn choices that have similar qualities.

Other KB Designs can be viewed from the My Patterns link in the right-hand navigation pane.

Thanks for looking and have an awesome weekend!


Ta Dah! Still blue but no longer stalled out.... "Wicked" by the gals at Zephyrstyle and worked in Zen String's worsted Bambewe.

Mods included the pocket construction, using the 2x2 crossover rib at the hem and on the pocket edges and tapering the sleeves slightly.

Very happy with the result, just need to see if I like the finished result on me... if not, my Mum was admiring the handpainted colours and it would definitely look cute on her.

It feels so good to have actually finished something and I am somewhat more inspired to dust off some of those WIP's :).

How it looks on...

I Am In A "Blue Funk"

I could care less if I ever see knitting needles again (!). I crocheted a scarf though.... Overwhelmed by stash, underwhelmed by ambition, bored with knit blogging, just sittin' here bitchin'.... Perhaps a new career as Poet Laureate for the inertia set? :}