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The Joys Of Handspun

I love how handspun feels and knits up :). This started off as a selection from DkKnits Fibre Club (the first round) and it was spun for my by a fellow club member. The colour is custom for me, it's called "Rockets" after the candy and it's spun at a sportweight of 100% Blue Faced Leicester.
The pattern is "Sweetheart Ripples" scarf.
Will attempt to sew up the raglans on my "Stash Menagerie" sweater today - why (why!) did I not think to work the sleeves in the round, throw everything on one needle and work up from there?! Seaming raglan sleeves into a body that is already joined (because I only work in the round) is going to be a colossal pain in the butt :( !

I've added a small errata for the "Sweetheart Ripples" pattern here. The Pattern Notes were incorrect - not the pattern thank goodness! Hopefully, it didn't throw anyone off :).

Spring Thaw...

I'll have to find something other than scarves to knit now that you can go outside and not chip off a body part :) !

Really happy with my "New York Groove" scarf though.... The Keegan Lane worsted was so nice to work with, especially for this drop stitch pattern. Lots of body and great stitch definition.

The sweater WIP parade is ongoing, most just need a collar or sewing up - the boring bits. I am determined to get a couple completed this week though.

Have been working on a new sock pattern to be released very soon - just one more picture to take and it's off for final review.

It was just like Christmas this week, packages from three of my favourite "Yarn Pushers" arrived and I'm in a total tizzy - don't know what to cast on first (like I don't already suffer from Startitis).

Here are my pretties:

L to R: From the Loopy Ewe (that's an eggplant Namaste Zuma hiding under the yarn), from Wool Girl (the I Heart Worsted sale), From Zen String(two new…

Sweetheart Ripples Scarf - ETA 14 March 2009

So, I've finally got the live download links up and running over at "Pointe Shoes Pursuits". Clicking the pattern titles will take you to a printable, PDF version of the pattern, clicking the thumbnail will take you to a more detailed view.

No real knitting progress - everything is still in "WIP" status but here are a couple Yarn Pr0n photos to pretty up this post...

If you've been trying to print this pattern from a Ravelry download... hasn't worked. The print function is fixed now . If someone tries and it still doesn't work - please let me know.
For anyone who has been checking at "Pointe Shoes Pursuits", I still don't have a download buttonI do now :)!