The Joys Of Handspun

I love how handspun feels and knits up :). This started off as a selection from DkKnits Fibre Club (the first round) and it was spun for my by a fellow club member. The colour is custom for me, it's called "Rockets" after the candy and it's spun at a sportweight of 100% Blue Faced Leicester.
The pattern is "Sweetheart Ripples" scarf.
Will attempt to sew up the raglans on my "Stash Menagerie" sweater today - why (why!) did I not think to work the sleeves in the round, throw everything on one needle and work up from there?! Seaming raglan sleeves into a body that is already joined (because I only work in the round) is going to be a colossal pain in the butt :( !

I've added a small errata for the "Sweetheart Ripples" pattern here. The Pattern Notes were incorrect - not the pattern thank goodness! Hopefully, it didn't throw anyone off :).


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