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A Little Bit To Share

Scott's Bay Spring Shawl 2
Originally uploaded by Karin's Knitting So... halfway through the body repeats and loving how the colours of the two different skeins are working together. Thinking a Ravelry search is in order to see if anyone has made this larger. I'd love to use up every bit of both skeins but too lazy to do any calculations for mod'ing the border.
Nothing else new on the knitting front - yet!
My Wollmeise from the last Loopy Ewe update arrived last week as did my last (for a little while) Yarntini "Happy Hour" club package. Will post pictures as soon as the camera battery recharges.
Have a great week everyone :).

Lanark County Scarf Finished

Lanark County Scarf Finished
Originally uploaded by Karin's Knitting OMG! Could it be? Knitting and something actually completed?
Lanark County, Ontario is known for it's maple syrup production and our maple bush produces a wonderful batch every two years or so - still tapping by hand and boiling down in sugar camp that is getting on for 200 hundred years old now!
The name just seemed to fit with this gorgeous "Maple Vanilla" springvale merino, one of the Pick Of The Knitter club selections from Three Irish Girls.
Slight mods for the worsted weight and the gradient colour shifts were built in between the individually dyed mini skeins. A fun, fast no-brainer knit. Best part? This stitch looks great on both sides. Gotta love it!
Hope everyone is having a great long weekend and Happy Easter to those who are celebrating...
ETA: Feeling so inspired, have cast on a 2nd "Ulmus". First WIP picture is here.