Last Post For 2010

The year sure seemed to fly by!
Knitting-wise, the second half was more productive. Having laser eye surgery in January last year was a challenge at first but has wound up being such a blessing, for so much more than just fibre arts too!
I've broken my sock club moratorium - seriously, how many sock clubs can one woman belong to anyway? For 2011, I've signed up for Sweet Georgia's club, Wool Girl's "Victorian Writers Club" and I think will also join in on one more. Three seems manageable. Ha! ETA: Yup, couldn't resist Cookie A's Sock Club
Working on my last project for the year today. "Ruby Red", a cardigan pattern from Am just working some single crochet round the edges, hoping it'll help with the rolling factor along the front edges. I may even finish this puppy before New Year's if all goes well. I had considered an i-cord edging for this - started it even. I haven't used this technique in decades but now I'm looking for projects that have it. Ruby is looking a little "busy" for my taste, the heavy varigation of and the pattern itself, so the i-cord was kind of lost in all that. Decided to use it in something where it will be more of a "feature". Maybe on a solid version of this cardi. It's super simple and quick (if you don't use my project management strategy!) so I'm pretty sure I'll do another.
Hope everyone had a wonderful year, a super Yule, Christmas, Whatever Y'all Celebrate and that the New Year will bring you love, joy, peace, hope and lots of knitting time.


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