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I Got Nuthin'

Dublin Bay Socks
Originally uploaded by Karin's Knitting 'Cepting for half a pair of socks. Corona is waiting only for the hood to be finished. Next up, "Seaman's Scarf".

New Year Knit and Crochet Resolutions

These will be my ONLY resolutions as anything else has a tendency to tick off my inner teenager.
So. This year, my good intentions are: to learn the Norweigen cast on, to publish two patterns in the first half of the year (the birthday faery needs to bring me Adobe for Mac) and if the opportunity comes up to learn Continental style knitting, I will not turn up my nose. Change can be a good thing.
My crochet resolutions are: to make more garments and to learn to cable in crochet.
I think that'll keep me busy... :)
Have some pictures to post a little later. A LOT later...