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The Creative Process...

The Creative Process... a photo by Karin's Knitting on Flickr. I had made a couple "Fibre Resolutions" earlier this year. One being to get back at the design work. It's been a very long time since the last KeiB Designs release. I am the Queen Of Procrastination, with a healthy sprinkle of ADHD and big time OCD.
Call me anal, I can take it :-) Although I prefer perfectionist, lol!
So, my LG "Solo" purchase of yesterday was calling me. Never mind that I have sock yarn in waiting that's I bought .... years ago. I didn't want to use an existing pattern, so sat down with my notebook and my Harmony Guide "Cables & Arans" to see what happened.
Several coffees and much online discussion of the "Supermoon Efffect" later... Voila! I have a cuff. I'm futzing with something that won't bore me to tears or detract from the colour runs in the "Solo" and liking it so far.

Florentina Progress

Florentina Progress 1 a photo by Karin's Knitting on Flickr. Slow but sure... it's been hard getting back to the cold, harsh reality of winter in Ottawa after our "Honeymoon". Getting back in the swing now. Hmm... Guild this coming Monday and some rocking good times with a few friends. A hint of Spring in the air this morning as I walked down to my LYS, Yarn Forward in Kanata. Of course, that called for a celebratory skein of Lana Grossa Solo :-), a Ravelry update and now, must organize patterns. I need an assistant to deal with all the fibre-y goodness I have kicking around here...

How To Tell A Canadian In TDR

How To Tell A Canadian In TDR a photo by Karin's Knitting on Flickr. Sparing no expense - or dignity - to further the cause of knitting coolness everywhere!
That would be "Florentina" that I'm working on by Melissa Barton.