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Citron Shawlette

Citron Shawlette, a photo by Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl Pix on Flickr. Shiny!!
OK. Yup. I admit it. Got the attention span of a goldfish :). So, I was running errands Sunday and my route took me past my LYS, Yarn Forward. My GF Francine - Francine of "Fancy That" shawl pins - was working, so an impromptu "Sit 'N Knit" ensued. I couldn't knit the sundries I picked up, so allowed myself to be talked into a skein of Noro Sekku - yummy! - and sat down to start "Citron". In fairness, "Citron" WAS queued on Ravelry... I am... following through... ;-). I've been knitting on the bus and into the wee hours, it's so addictive and easy! A beginner with skillz could do this.

Violet Showers Socks - Finished

Violet Showers Socks - Finished, a photo by Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl Pix on Flickr. Another pair, four years in the making but done finally. So glad to have another WIP out of the closet!

This Is All Kinds Of Fun!

Found this on Facebook, had to share. This is even better than the motorcycle cozy!

Graffiti’s Cozy, Feminine Side
WOOLLY BULLY “Charging Bull,” near Wall Street, was covered in crochet by Olek, an artist, last December.  By MALIA WOLLAN, Published: May 18, 2011


THE bronze statue of Rocky near the Philadelphia Museum of Art irked Jessie Hemmons. She found the statue too big, too macho and too touristy, so last month Ms. Hemmons, a 24-year-old artist, bombed him. With pinkish yarn. Multimedia Slide Show Getting Cozy in Public A Woolly Trend A Woolly Trend Close Video See More Videos » Using a stepladder and a needle, Ms. Hemmons stitched a fuchsia-colored hooded vest on the fictional boxer with the words “Go See the Art” emblazoned across the front, to prod tourists to visit the museum that so many skip after snapping their photo with the statue.
She calls the act of artistic vandalism “yarn bombing,” adapting a term for plastering an area with graffit…

Here There Be Dragons Socks - Finished

Here There Be Dragons Socks - Finished, a photo by Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl Pix on Flickr. Ahem. Without further delay... I have done competitions where I finished a pair of socks in under 24 hours. So with a little shame but mostly delirious joy... An FO five years in the making :p

And a nearly as ancient WIP, that I can't believe I put down: