Citron Shawlette

OK. Yup. I admit it. Got the attention span of a goldfish :). So, I was running errands Sunday and my route took me past my LYS, Yarn Forward. My GF Francine - Francine of "Fancy That" shawl pins - was working, so an impromptu "Sit 'N Knit" ensued. I couldn't knit the sundries I picked up, so allowed myself to be talked into a skein of Noro Sekku - yummy! - and sat down to start "Citron". In fairness, "Citron" WAS queued on Ravelry... I am... following through... ;-). I've been knitting on the bus and into the wee hours, it's so addictive and easy! A beginner with skillz could do this.


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