The Blues

Moorland Cardigan by Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl Pix
Moorland Cardigan, a photo by Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl Pix on Flickr.

Looking forward to starting this. I've had it queued forever! I'm using Classic Elite "Moorland" in Baliol Blue, a gorgeous heathered alpaca, mohair, merino.
Speaking of blue, Bluesfest opens this week here in Ottawa. Always a good time, so many great acts to choose from. The Black Keys and Peter Frampton are on my "must see" list this year.
Something to chase away The Blues: Just Knitting sneak peak of the new store. Can't wait! Great location, great management and plenty of fibre temptation. I'm tempted to beg for a part time job there! A Knit Night is always a good remedy for work week blues. Had an awesome mini stitch 'n bitch with my Besties last night. No world issues were solved but some significant yardage was worked!
Leaving you with a glimpse of blue that is good for the soul:

Cheers All!


LisaW. said…
Beautiful pattern! Anxious to see you knit it up! Enjoy the Blues...:)
Karin said…
Thanks so much! The yarn is gorgeous and if I can make it past the 15cm of 1x1 rib, I think it will be smooth sailing!

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