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We Have Moved!

Pointeshoes Punk Rock And Purl has moved to Wordpress.
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Here - Tempting The Gods of WIP!

Not the best lighting on this wintery morning at 6:00am but this is the Impressions / Koala Stashbuster scarf. I'm using some elderly bits that have been hanging about in the bins for too long to test a prototype pattern. So far, the combination of colour and texture is very appealing (to me!) and hopefully, this will be done in time to keep me warm here in the Great White North - minus 12C today!

Here are some of my hexapuffs for The Beekeepers Quilt. . These are so quick and easy to knit up, exactly as the pattern says. And it's true - just two dpn's is optimal. I tried with three, thinking it would be less awkward on the corners... Not so. Take it from an OCD knitter, smiles. I probably have enough odds and ends to make about sixty of these quilts, haha! This first one will be a "skinny" version - no stuffing. Mostly because I had none but the cushy nature of these double-sided puffs seems sufficient and looks great so far.

Welcome 2013!