Hello There!

I've done a little revamp of this, the old Blogger version of Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl and I hope that if you're one of the original followers or perhaps just finding me that you'll enjoy a visit or two.

I've renamed the Blogger blog to avoid any confusion for people and search engines.
This spot is now called by the PSPRP tagline "So Many Vices, So Little Time..." and has its very own updated URL: somanyvicessolittletime.blogspot.com. You'll want to update any old links that you might have had.

The old "Pointe Shoes Pursuits" has been added as a page link just up at the top of this page and you can find the Fibre Funnies and other stuff there. I'll be posting here again from time to time as so many of my blogging friends use this platform and I have missed the updates. Not to mention that Blogger is a whole lot sexier than it was back in 2006!

Thank you for being here and feel free to visit at the main home of PSPRP at this spot on Wordpress too.


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