Poor Neglected Blog

Since Flickr disabled the "post direct" feature to Blogger, I find it arduous to keep up with my primary knit blog on WordPress and this one. Some of you know that I have a poetry blog on WordPress too and this takes up a significant amount of my creative time.

And... I really need to speak to my boss about this eight hours a day thing, LOL!

That said, I wanted to pop in here with an invitation to come and visit at Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl. It is well integrated with Google and so there are no new accounts required to like or comment. I will try and update here a little more often. Suffice to say that an awful lot happened between my last post and this one.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend as I head off to the  25th anniversary version of The Needler's Retreat. There will be pictures and posts to follow next week (for sure at PSPRP).

Cheers all!

Photos from the 2011 Retreat on Flickr.


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