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TGIF! From The Main Blog :)

I'm wrapping up my week with an FO and buried under snow from the storm yesterday and through the night. This does not stop life here, Canadians know snow. First up, I wrapped the test knit for "Cairo" and will be taking photos and doing the writeup for the pattern today. Here's my "just for the record" photo, there'll be better ones! The Cascade Venezia was lovely to work with, I may even try to find an excuse to work with it again soon, no matter the size of my stash. The design prototype is on the left in 100% raw silk and the test knit is on the right in Venezia. (c)Keib Designs The printed versions of "Les Cloches Cannelées", were dropped off to my LYS, Yarn Forward on Tuesday and I'm crossing my fingers. Selling digital copies is wonderful and I had a wee flurry of interest this past week that's been a huge boost in light of some stress in my life. I do love the idea though, of the patterns being in a place where knitters are, wh…

First Guild Meeting of 2015

The Ottawa Knitting Guild kicked off with a great meeting last night. I've been very sporadic in my attendance and must confess, I'd thought Guild might be too old and stuffy for me. Like so many things crafty though, the renaissance has gained fresh faces and younger devotées are coming out. Our speaker was Anne Pitman, of Anne's Yoga. Her topic was yoga for knitters and she was a delight! Her warm, engaging speaking style and soothing voice, combined with the knitter-appropriate movements that she demonstrated, had the entire room attentive and participating. No mean feat to get a roomful of knitters to set down the pins for a bit! I am a marathon knitter. There's never a moment other than work or eating - and sometimes I resent that! - that I'm not doing something with sticks and strings and it is hell on the Carpal Tunnel and even that old SUV injury at times. This brief introduction had me (and all the attendees) relaxed and smiling, even after …

WIP Wednesday

My WIP's doth runneth over! Already... 2015 knitting is off to a blistering start despite the constant interference of that Time Vampire "Work". One the needles, in my typical "Circuit Knitting" style are: Phoenix Rising: Goth-stonian Leg Warmers: Cairo Scarf Test Knit: I'm cheating and just linking the Ravelry project pages so that I can save my fingers. The first full week back, post flu and the passing of my beautiful Nanny, has been brutal! Temperatures are what they are during January in my neck of the woods: cold with cold, bitter freezing and cold :p and my unit was tasked with completing several Finance courses that are mandatory and had to be completed by days' end yesterday. No mean feat in a unit where timelines for completing your actual work are near impossible due to demand…

Les Cloches Cannelées Is Live In The Shop :)

Les Cloches Cannelées or The Fluted Bells scarf is finally available for purchase in  my Ravelry shop. You can find it here: KeiB Designs on Ravelry Soon to follow on Craftsy and Etsy. Les Cloches had different working names through the design and prototype phases but I think this one suits it best :) The two culprits are pictured below: Eyelet Smocked Scarf ©Karin Bole Tupper
The Bishop's Sleeves
©Karin Bole Tupper If you do make one of my patterns, please be sure and post photos to our little group on Ravelry. I also have a tab way-y-y-y up top there under the "KeiB Designs" tab, to post reader's knits, if you'd like to share them here. I'm still sick as all get out but the enforced home time was good for a little productivity and it's Hump Day! I'll be going back to work tomorrow - ugghh - out of pace now but well fortified with cold meds for the battle. Cheers all :)