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You Know You Wanna ;-)

I'd say "ribbed for..." but this is my PG blog ;-)
My three most recent designs are available on Ravelry now. You can snag them for a deal in e-book format or purchase individually. With all this snow, what better way to keep warm?
Shush now! PG, remember? :-)
Find the post here and please do let me know if you make these, have questions, all that good stuff.

WIP Wednesday

... and an FO :) FO first. This is "Papyrus Columns Cowl". A mostly reversible cowl or infinity scarf.
The completed set: Memories of Egypt. Completed test knits for a KeiB Designs e-book. I'll be finishing the tech editing for the cowl today and hope to have the e-book up on Ravelry this evening. I think the book version will be titled "Memories of Egypt" or something similar, to reflect the cable theme that I used. I hope some of you will give one of these a whirl and if you do, please feel free to share your photos :) My new WIP is "Harmonia's Rings" by Sivia Harding: KeiB's "Harmonia" This is my first moebius project - I know. It's just I hate being a crowd follower and if it's popular, I usually stay away from it. Must keep the "Punk" in Punk Rock! This pattern called to me though and so I am now on the moebius bandwagon. I watched Cat Bordhi's Youtube video to teach myself the cast on and as best I can tell…