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WIP's And Chains

From the main blog: Sometimes, the sheer volume of my stash makes me want to cry... I will never work through all this yarn! I have made some good progress in "shopping the stash" and have two WIP's (one with chains) to show for it.
Silky Cables now has it's turtleneck collar and is only waiting the arrival of an insurance skein before I pick up and finish the sleeves. The chains are part of a test knit for another KeiB Designs pattern, this one combining knitting and crochet.
I'm excited to finish this up and to complete the tech editing on the pattern. I really love crochet, almost as much as knitting and have been matchmaking them for a while now, though this will be the first pattern I publish. Hopefully, "Arcadian Cowl" will be complete in time to come with me to Thursday's "Sit 'N Knit". I'll be dropping off more copies of "Les Cloches Cannelées" and looking for a victim to test knit this new one :) Arcadia is off th…

My Little Log Cabin In The Silk Garden

Posted from the main blog :):
All squares finished and ready for borders:

These are the first six and from my bag of 10 skeins (Colour 243 B), I was able to get 12 squares with some leftover for mending. And a couple more, seeing's as I just realized I shared the above photo and am too lazy to take it out :p :
What a happy making project! As portable as socks, no thinking just keeping my hands busy - something as essential as breathing for me. My GF had made a similar type of blanket and chose Lett Lopi for her borders, I'm following that lead after checking it out on line. It looks to have a similar hand and appearance when knit to the Noro Silk Garden. I went with a colour called "Black Heather". It has the traditional look of a black border but I think will be a little less harsh in contrast to the blocks. Unfortunately, it's backordered for 2-3 weeks but I think I can find something to keep me busy ;-)
My Harmonia's Rings sweater is still in the works, it n…

Woot! Again :)

From my main blog:
I was going to title this "Chuffed, Stoked, Gobsmacked and Tickled" and then realized - upon reading it back quickly - it might look like choked, stuffed... and that would be another whole genre of blogging!!
I was avoiding the web for the last couple days - all of it - but got a "ping" today from my Bestie. She was commenting on a Facebook post put up on Cascade Yarns Facebook business page.
They posted my Cairo Cabled Scarf pattern!!
I am over the moon! I'd noticed a wee jump in interest and sales and this must be why.
The link is here if you'd like to check it out: Post by Cascade Yarns.