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Flogging WIP's

I try to not overdue the pattern promotion ~ BUT ~ both "Memories Of Egypt" and "The Arcadian Collection", my two e-book collections with my newest patterns are available on Amazon as of today.
Here is the link to my Author's page: Karin Bole Tupper
You can find all of my books here ~ haiku and hikoo ;-)
I've put a "widget" in the right-hand nav bar to make it easy to find too. Your support is very much appreciated :)
I'm posting this on my writing blog as well... I wonder how the fibre muggles will react to my post title...?

From the Main Blog: I Could Show You...

My black and white obsession, that is:
Yorick test knit finishedSkully prototype top and Yorick test knit bottom.Yorick's contured back.
Yorick, #ucg versionUCG Yorick motifUCG Yorick quarter done.
My knitting jags resemble a two-year old's food jags :) Come to that, my eating habits resemble same!

KeiB Designs Freebie Page Updated

I've finally added the "Freebies" page from the old PSPRP to this one! You'll find the tab at the top of this page on the far right.
There is now a photo gallery of the designs and the download links are in green to make them easier to find. Clicking the link opens a PDF copy of the pattern that you can then save to your own computer.
I've added a new crochet scarf pattern, Carré Glace that I hope you'll like and there will be more to come in the future.
As mentioned on the page, I'd be delighted if you share your finished projects on Ravelry by linking your project page to the pattern page.
Please note, like all KeiB Designs, these are copyrighted and for personal use only. Please ask if you wish to use them for charity knitting or teaching purposes. Thank you! Click to go directly to the new page  KeiB Designs Free Patterns
From the main blog:
I've just updated the blog to include "Buy It Now" options to purchase my two ebooks, The Arcadian Collection and Memories Of Egypt. Descriptions of each are available by clicking their titles on that page.
The tab is just above on this page: "KeiB Designs" and here is a direct link:
I'll be updating both this and the free pattern page in the next few days, with a couple new designs and with direct download buttons.
Please feel free to share :)

All The Arcadians!

From the main blog :):
A class photo of all the Arcadian Cowl variations. The pattern writing festivities continue and I am keeping the coffee and stashbusting faeries very happy :) The Arcadian Cowl © Karin Bole Tupper and KeiB Designs (L to R):
Double Loop, Single Loop 1 (navy), Single Loop 2 (teal) and Headband Double Loop was seamed up yesterday. I swear I've done more Kitchener grafting in the last four days than in the last four years! This one is my favourite for yarn base - the silk merino blend - though I knitted options, this one seems the best "fit" for the design, IMHO. The Arcadian Cowl ~ Double Loop
©Karin Bole Tupper and KeiB Designs On the WIP front, insurance skeins have arrived for both sweaters as of the first of April and I'm "Circuit Knitting" on both of them (why do I only have one set of 4.50mm dpns??!). Silky Cables is set to win the race, though I doubt it'll see wear this year as M'lady Spring seems to have deigned to grace Ott…

Not Another Arcadian!

Reposted from the main blog :)
Hell yeah there's another one! It seems I've gone quite mad for this design concept (can I say that?) I've completed the single, double and Aran weight test knits and am having a simplified version test knit, possible for a freebie release. With all the lonely stash laying about, it seemed one more variation couldn't hurt. I promise this is IT! So a few mods for stitch count, fit / shaping and voilà! The Arcadian Coordinate Headband / Earwarmer:
Working on more Arcadian - who doesn't like a whole lotta harmony? ;-)Finished Arcadian Coordinate HeadbandFinished Arcadian Coordinate Headband
Finished Arcadian Coordinate Headband
I'm super stoked to get all the writing and tech editing done for this next little bunch of patterns. I want some crochet work out there because I love it and I have finally got round to updating my pattern template. Yes, the Configuration Controller / Technical Writer has finally got off her butt, with the pro…