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From The Main Blog~ The New Man In My Life

James Harris, it was love from the first moment you appeared in my thoughts to finally tying the knot! Okay. Enough silliness :p The inspiration for this first in the series is my Great Grandpa Thorpe. He was a well-known ship builder and craftsman but to me, he was hugs, yarns - of the story variety, salt, ocean, family love and pride. It seemed fitting to work this as a traditional seaman's scarf, a shape that is really wearable and unisex. JH - the test knit is done and I think he's a keeper. I'll be over here in my corner trying to decipher notes and getting this one ready for editing. JH's portfolio :) :
James Harris Test Knit ~ Finished 1James Harris Test Knit ~ Finished 3James Harris Test Knit ~ Finished 2
James Harris Test Knit ~ FinishedThe "Boys" hanging out ;-)James Harris Prototype - blocking
James Harris ~ Prototype ~ Finished ~ DetailJames Harris ~ Prototype ~ Finished ~ DetailThe Huntley Launch. This is one of my Great Grandpa's schooners.

From The Main Blog ~ A Girl's Gotta Eat

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KeiB Designs and Karin Bole Tupper - ©cheaper than a Barista's specialty and always gluten, lactose and calorie-free!
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From The Main Blog - WIp Wednesday

It's all about the WIP's this week I'm afraid. I've done it to myself with this damn "startitis" and lack of sufficient pairs of arms. I finished the prototype for "James Harris" and am currently working the test knit from my draft pattern. Savannah is my "selfish knitter" and "Reign" accompaniment, so not a lot done but progressing. I keep on staring at the yarn for the test knit of Matinée II (the Mrs. Crosby) but I've psyched myself out with the technique I want to use v. practical application / joy of the knitting / fear of buggering up the most gorgeous yarn evah! I suppose a dip in the frog pond wouldn't be the end of the world if things... unravel...
Progesses and lilacs from my walk to the Marché:
Lilacs James Harris Prototype - blocking James Harris test knit in Cash Iroha ©Karin Bole Tupper & KeiB Designs
Stared down... by my Mrs. Crosby

From The Main Blog ~ Matinée II ~ Finished

Carnelian (pattern: Matinée II) is off the needles :) I love the Alegría by Manos del Uruguay and will definitely use it again. I don't have the exact metres and grams yet; it is a little different from Matinée but that'll come soon. Carnelian is the "large" version and the size variations are a nod to the two most standard put ups for sock and fingering yarns. The finished accessories come out to very similar dimensions due to the pattern differences.  I'm lagging a bit on getting the patterns finished but have high hopes for the rest of the day. Hope your day is wonderful :)
Matinée II ~ Carnelian 1 ©Karin Bole Tupper & KeiB DesignsMatinée II ~ Carnelian 2 ©Karin Bole Tupper & KeiB DesignsMatinée II ~ Carnelian 3 ©Karin Bole Tupper & KeiB Designs
Matinée II ~ Carnelian 4 ©Karin Bole Tupper & KeiB Designs

From The Main Blog ~ Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing all the Mum's out there a day that is perfect for you <3 p=""> This is the title that I value most. <3 p="">
Mummy and Me <3Not sure whose idea it was to put me in charge of two humans! Birdie and Bee meet.Siblings 2012
Christopher LennonCaitlyn ElizabethSiblings 2014
Cady and MumMum, Mumsy DearestChris and MummaAll of my kids! :) One with no labour pains.

From The Main Blog: Deep Breath...

Hello All, I don't have any new pictures just this moment, though I can say that "Carnelian" is coming along nicely. I did want to let you know (with butterflies in my stomach) that I've taken the plunge and started a little space on Facebook for PSPRP. I'm hoping that you'll feel welcome to "like" the page (and the real me too!) and will feel free to chat, share or buy. There is an integrated shopping cart with access to PayPal. I took the leap to have "one stop shop" that is easy for folks who may not be bloggers or Ravelry people to find me :) The link is just below, I hope you'll like the content and will feel free to share it. Please know that your support is much appreciated - 'cause I am nervous as all get out! Facebook is quite different from the smaller community of WordPress or Blogger. Hope to see you there! Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl on Facebook

From The Main Blog ~ Cthulhu and Dragons and Slinkys ~ Oh My!

My CthulhuCozy has grown and is now dragon sized:
Sundara stash from 2008 club (Spring)Sundara stash from 2009 club.Cthulhu Cozy ~ I hope the Lord of evil likes green!
Nope. Not for Cthulhu... Maybe another slinky cozy?Dragon Cozy ~ Matinée ~ Peridot test knit and fully adjustable for any length and most widths of house dragons. A lovely shade of peridot variegated will accent or harmonize with most scale tones. The silk content will help to prevent and talon snags. Eyelets are perfect for "wings in, wings out" freedom whatever the weather in your castle, keep, manor or hut. Show your dragon your love, keep him or her toasty in a KeiB Designs cozy!
I hope to get down to HomeSense today and pick up a decorative dress mannequin. I think it'll help with the pictures of FO's and after some diligent research, they seem to be very well priced. If all goes well, I should have a photo to post this evening of the finished dragon cozy aka: Matinée ~ Peridot. ETA: mission accomp…