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James Harris Is Available In The Ravelry Shop

Never too early to begin with your Christmas, Etc. gift making :)
You can find my latest unisex scarf pattern at the link below and please feel free to add me on Ravelry (KarinB) or to join the PSPRP group on Ravelry.
James Harris ~ men's and unisex knitted scarf
It'll be up on Etsy and Craftsy soon.
Cheers All! James Harris scarf @Karin Bole Tupper & KeiB Designs

Late To The Party ~ Make It Monday

One final test knit for the Matinée duo. I wanted to refine the construction technique and I think this is best, not to mention less hassle. Matinée I ~ Opal is finished and here is her portfolio:
Matinée I ~ Opal ~ FinishedMatinée I ~ Opal ~ Finished 4Matinée I ~ Opal ~ Finished 5
Matinée I ~ Opal ~ Finished 2Matinée I ~ Opal ~ Finished 3
So Matinée I is the closed loop version and II is open with bands at each end to be lapped and pinned or buttoned or to be worn as a traditional scarf. Both versions are reversible, quick and easy to knit. Customizing is easy too. I hope to have the final patterns finished and available soon. Cheers all! :)

From The Main Blog ~ Schultertuch / Dreieckstuch Is Off The Hook :)

This was a "feel good" weekend for me and I hope for you too. Nothing pressing in the garden - the last few plantlings are in, I bought and used my plant start and won't do anything major again until the next four babies arrive and I have to move a grandpapasan hosta. I finished reading Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania, a very interesting book, especially in detailing how that incident impacted world events. I also finished up my Schultertuch / Dreieckstuch or as I call it: Pretty Maids All In A Row (for the scallop / cockle pattern). Here is her portfolio :):
And Pretty Maids All In A Row Shawl ~ FinishedLorna's Laces crochet shawlFirst transition
To show the transitionsBack viewWrappable

From The Main Blog ~ All About The Pinups This Week!


From The Main Blog ~ Keeping You In Stitches Saturday

Personally, I like to think that I look like this when I'm knitting: A little wine, a little cashmere... let's P2tog Handsome! Do you know what your knitting face is? Find out here at Love Knitting - So worth the giggles :D :
In the interest of full disclosure; I am often a tongue-out knitter and sometimes its variation: "the lipless smile". Thank god I live alone as that face bears an unfortunate resemblance to my kiddos' "poop face"! "The Lipless Smile" knitting face. Or... err... "The Poop Face", in other circles ;-)

From The Main Blog ~ Matinée II ~ Mystic Topaz Matinee :)

Done at last!
Matinée II ~ Mystic Topaz ~ Finished 1Matinée II ~ Mystic Topaz ~ Finished 2Matinée II ~ Mystic Topaz ~ Finished 3
The Matinée Gang Matinée (L&S) on right Matinée II (L&S) on left