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From The Main Blog ~ It Has Begun...

I didn't plan to post again so soon... is slow here in blogland and summer is all too fleeting in The Great White North but...
I saw the first of them.
Those harbingers of doom - the annoying people who start posting about it being halfway through the year and "better start planning for Christmas". Don't even get me started on "Back To School" being in the shops already. What happened to enjoying the moment?!
I didn't start it but it brought to mind that yes, I will be crafting for people and I suspect some of you may be too. So, I thought that I'd mention that I've been updating yarns for sale on my Ravelry stash tab - yes, still unpacking and organizing. There is lots new including: much sought after limited edition colours, discontinued and out of business Indie sock yarn, Socks That Rock!, Rowan yarns - several that are discontinued, cashmere, alpaca, Lucky Lurker "Duets" sock yarns and some Vegan-friendly skeins too. Ton…

Make It Monday, Mai-sen ~ Sakura Blossom

Mai-sen is completed. This is my test knit / crochet based upon Geisha. I revamped the construction slightly and like it better for ease and minimizing finishing. I'm all about less finishing. Mai-sen was another stashbusting project too, some very elderly but gorgeous Zen Yarn Garden serenity lace and squooshy sock. Both were club exclusives via Woolgirl and serendipitously, they played nicely together.
Here is Mai-sen's CV:
Mai-sen ~ Sakura BlossomShoji panel screensMai-sen ~ Sakura Blossom
Cherry blossom mai-senMai-sen ~ Sakura BlossomSakura blossoms
Mai-sen ~ Sakura Blossom

From The Main Blog ~ Trucking Along

I'm in the middle of several projects as always. I don't get people who don't have WIP's - you know, like six or thirteen of them :p
I'm working at my second Filigree scarf in that glorious, reclaimed Camelspin. No deadline for this, so I just pick it up when I need a break. I've also begun the borders for my Log Cabin In The Silk Garden. The Lett Lopi I had ordered never came from the first company and I wound up ordering it direct from Iceland. Would you believe it was half the price?! It showed up a few weeks ago and I'm making time for it in between other things.
I did complete another Yorick Cowl. This one made entirely to my draft pattern and I'm super happy with it. I've tweaked the join at the centre back neck and am debating releasing this a little closer to All Hallows. In the meantime, that project and another Yorick are destined for my Etsy shop as "ready to ship" items. Slow but sure, I'm restocking the shop, it's a c…

Filigree Is Available In The Ravelry Shop

Never too early to begin with your Christmas, Etc. gift making :)
You can find Filigree, my latest scarf pattern at the link below and please feel free to add me on Ravelry (KarinB) or to join the PSPRP group on Ravelry.
Filigree ~ Eyelet & Tailored Ruffle Scarf
It'll be up on Etsy and Craftsy soon.
Cheers All! Filigree ©by KeiB Designs

FO Friday!

I just realized how badly misinterpreted that post title could be by knitting muggles... Alas, they shall have to remain uninitiated :p I wrapped up the prototype for "Filigree" today and am mostly happy with it. I'm going to tweak a thing or two for the testknit. I reclaimed some Handmaiden Camelspin in the rose garden colourway for the that. I'm looking forward to knitting it all over again! My Lazy Rippleis done too, so lazy that I'm not going to block it. It's lazy because there weren't formal row counts. This was meant totally for stashbusting and so I used every bit of all the skeins. I like how it came out and I hope there'll be some babies show up in my circle to gift it to :) Photos of both:
Filigree by KeiB DesignsLazy Ripples Pram BlanketPanda approved.
1m x 80cm and 8 skeins busted out of Stash JailFiligree scarf blockingHandmaiden Camelspin "Rose Garden"