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Speechless With Happy Wednesday :)

One of the first things I saw this morning and I am still smiling - watch, love, smile, be amazed.
Grass dancin' "when the ghosts' have disappeared we still got spirit...Leading the Way" 
Posted by Ayedotnetdotmedotugh on Wednesday, 27 May 2015 Comment from the FB post: "Tiny-Tot is Bentley Bird, son of Kateari Snow Bird "Thanks! to Everyone Sharin' & Showin' Love&Respect!"

Hi From The Main Blog ~ Saturday Synopsis

The week brought a little of this, a little of that, much knitting and pencil chewing over a new design. I planned a little for my first vending event and did a tiny bit of shopping and finished two books.
Here's a little gathering of "all of the things":
Dupatta Scarf ~ Progress 2 All Hallows 2015 ~ 3Pier1 All Hallows 2015 ~ 2
Pier1 All Hallows 2015 ~ 1Wicked Wedding :)Pier1 Skullies and Beads
Cloud Porn
Hoping your week was happy and productive and wishing you a great weekend :) Cheers all!

Matinée Pattern Is Now Available!

Never too early to begin with your Christmas, Etc. gift making :)
You can find Matinée, my latest cowl or infinity scarf pattern at the link below and please feel free to add me on Ravelry (KarinB) or to join the PSPRP group on Ravelry.
Matinée ~ Bauble and Beads Circular Cowl
It'll be up on Etsy and Craftsy soon. Cheers All! Available for purchase now

Hello There!

An unintended break happened. Probably a good thing, my brain is on serious overload - pretty sure I look like the definition of "Cat on a hot tin roof". I can always make stuff, thank goodness. Keeps me sane. Mostly...
I'm working a store sample for "Filigree", to be carried at my LYS if all goes well. Still on the prototype for "Lotus and Bamboo". My crossed v. twisted stitches were not cooperating with the cable effect I was looking for. I think I'm sorted now and if this goes as planned, I think it'll be lovely!
I was out the weekend past to a private home show for YvieKnits Yarns, Fancy That and Natalie Servant Designs; three wonderfully talented ladies that I'm happy to call my friends. The temptress Joanne, from Wild Woolly joined them this time and of course, I went home with more than I planned to! I allowed myself some of Yvonne's silk merino in two different bases for a new design (possibly an older one if the LYS wants ano…

From The Main Blog ~ Remember These?

I'm dancing like a four-year old on apple juice - or... erm... a forty-year old on hard cider :p My Goth-Stonian Legwarmers... Now with PEOPLE INSIDE THEM! :)
This will be my next freebie from KeiB Designs as soon as I have a 2nd styling option knit up. The possibilities are endless for customising, making these a fast, affordable and fun gift knit. Stay tuned and here's the new portfolio - now with more cowbell! ;-)
Goth-Stonian Legwarmers from KeiB DesignsGoth-Stonian Legwarmers from KeiB DesignsGoth-Stonian Legwarmers from KeiB Designs
Goth-Stonian Legwarmers from KeiB DesignsGoth-Stonian Legwarmers from KeiB DesignsGoth-Stonian Legwarmers from KeiB Designs