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From The Main Blog ~ I Like Fluffy!

Whew! So quiet over here, I almost forget this poor blog. Here's a quick update:
So here is a little more fluff-ination. It would be fair to say I rather like these. All things considered what's not to like about mega-stashbusting, fast, fun, not boring, seamless, reversible and fluffy! :) 'Tween Dusk and Twilight and Mulberry Mulled Wine Cowls details are on my Ravelry.
Mulberry Mulled WineMulberry Mulled Wine - reversible'Tween Dusk and Twilight - seamless
'Tween Dusk and Twilight - different way to wear'Tween Dusk and Twilight - reversible'Tween Dusk and Twilight
Keep calm and stay fluffy!

From The Main PSPRP Blog ~ Outta Here!

The Needler's Retreat 2015 begins this afternoon at 5:00pm. We will be having our usual private soirée with the official troublemakers and lovers of non-dairy creamer (Bailey's) an hour or two ahead of that. I love these gals and it's a treat to spend time away from all other concerns and be immersed in the craft we all love. BFF and I have the 'honeymoon suite' again this year. Yes. We really do call it that.
You need a 'backstitch pass sl st over' to get in with the punk rock purlers :D
I'll be back with stories and photos next week and until then happy knitting and don't 'ss any knits or p2togs' that I wouldn't do!

Not your Grannie's Knittin'! Cheers all! ~ kei
6 November 2015