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A Little This A Little That

Almost forgot about you, poor Blogger! Here's the latest from the main blog:
The snow came to stay but I'm sufficiently dug out and knitting on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Making good progress with 'Ariel' aka: Absinthe Mermaid, the Manos Fino is a treat to work with and a perfect sub for Tosh Merino Light incidentally.
Body almost ready to separate for back and front.
I dug out an old skein of Ruby Sapphire sock yarn and am playing with the bones of a new design. RS yarns were an Indie company that I loved. Generous skeins and very limited colours, many customised with their fans names - yup, there is a 'Karin' colourway :) The one that I'm working with is 'Heather', a lovely, springtime mix with touches of teal and sand that keep it from being to saccharine. 'Biaisée' is the working name for this scarf.
The diagonal line and sunlight. How Vermeer!
I have a lot of a skein leftover from my 'Metallicus' tee and have been churning out the…

Quick Update

Tons of new stuff in my Etsy shop. Counted cross stitch fans, I no longer stitch and have listed many OOP charts, kits and semi-kits. Some lovely discontinued yarns - Debbie Bliss, Sundara, Etc. plus ready-to-wear and KeiB Designs patterns.
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And most recent post from the main blog:
A little here, a little there. Verra busy lately!
Sothia my love, you try me! 793 stitchesLP DetailSothia Texture
Ariel aka: Absinthe Mermaid startLilli Pilli so close to finished :)Absinthe Mermaid texture